The popular Varsa light from Nila sees its next-generation model with the Varsa 2. The fixture has received a complete housing redesign for an improved balance between light output and portability. The new ergonomic design of the Varsa 2 provides the same high-quality flicker-free light source we're used to seeing from Nila that's comparable to a 400W HMI fixture. It weighs 10 lbs and has AC/DC power options. 

Tech Specs

  • System watts: 75
  • power factor: >.95 @ 115V AC, >.97 @ 240V AC
  • dim range: 0-100% (onboard dimmer)
  • LED rated lifespan: 20,000+ hours
  • color: 5600° K (daylight balanced)
  • color spectrum: continuous
  • CRI: 90 (5600°K)
  • TLCI: 86 (5600°K)
  • beam angle: 10° to 80°
  • focus method: holographic film lenses
  • built-in Chimera mount
  • weight: 11 lbs. (5 kg)
  • IP65
  • mounting: yoke (w/junior pin and baby receiver)
  • cooling: passive (no fans)
  • power cable: 10' locking IP68 UTL
  • power connector: Souriau UTL (AC), 4-pin XLR (DC)

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