While we love the new powers that cameras are getting with follow focus, wireless monitoring, and other fancy modular accessories, many miss the days when a camera was a simpler, more streamlined body.

In fact, on the Netflix show MINDHUNTER, the production team customized their RED into a Xenomorph to make the body as simple as possible so that they could just grab and go shoot without worrying about accessories hanging off the side. To that end, Teradek is now shipping its ACI controller and have also announced an MDR controller which, when combined with the Bolt DSMC2, integrate closely into the popular DSMC2 body to ideally feel like a cohesive unit.


ACI stands for "Assistant Camera Interface," and it's mounted to the right side of the camera body, which is where digital cameras are starting to form the tradition of having camera controls. While RED has traditionally been touch-screen and menu driven, the ACI puts more options right at the user's fingertips. Instead of the DP or operator having to step away to allow the first AC access to the monitor, the 1st AC can make tweaks to the settings while the main operator stays in position. 


The ACI will be especially useful on gimbal and other mounted situations when working without the touchscreen. Yes, you can wirelessly control the settings of a RED, but having both a physical display of the settings constantly on (combined with the ability to quickly make tweaks on the body itself) will be a huge relief to many camera assistants. 


The ACI will also be available as an MDR ACI, which will offer motor control for the Teradek RT follow focus system. With control for up to three motors (Focus,  Iris, and Zoom), the MDR ACI will make for a simpler, cleaner setup that will be more robust on fast moving shoots.


This is all on top of the Teradek Bolt DSMC2 which came out earlier in the fall. This is a Bolt zero latency wireless transmitter designed to work with the Bolt receivers (including the 703 Bolt we loved earlier this year), which mounts directly to the back of the camera and allows for power pass-through from the battery system. The DSMC2 Bolt is available in 500, 1000, and 3000-foot ranges, with the price going up accordingly.

Available now.

Tech Specs (MDR ACI):

  • Easily access RED camera settings via an intuitive menu system on integrated LCD display
  • Connects seamlessly to the assistant side of RED DSMC2 cameras
  • Redesigns RED’s default camera menu
  • Dedicated button and jog wheel controls to navigate through settings.
  • Fully customizable button layout
  • Integrated 3-channel MDR for wireless FIZ controls with Teradek RT
  • Up to 5,000 ft. of wireless range