December 21, 2018

Watch: Breaking Down a Very Special Christmas Episode of 'Boy Meets World'

This is one Christmas offer you can't refuse.

Funny or Die, the online comedy channel that specializes in viral content, has one series in particular that has recently caught No Film School's eye: the "A Very Special Episode" series that looks back at episodes of old sitcoms that came with an "important, timely message."

You know the type of message they're talking about: a character getting involved with drugs, an episode about the dangers of sex, a young child who gets abused by a parent, etc. These were the explicitly more serious, outlier episodes of otherwise light comedic fare that populated our airwaves throughout the 1980s and 90s. 

Given the season, the channel recently uploaded a hilarious Christmas episode pertaining to Boy Meets World titled Easy Street. In the episode, Shawn Hunter, a childhood friend of fellow teenager Cory Matthews, gets a dangerous job working for the mafia....kinda. The episode is meant to reenforce the dangers of working too hard while working for the "wrong kind of people," but it really paints a sanitized version of the risks involved. Given its pre-teen audience, this was to be expected.

Funny or Die has a Christmas field day with this episode, ripping into the absurdity and unspoken questions that run rampant throughout. It's a good lesson in writing for young audiences (the harshness of the story's edges must be dulled) while still attempting to reach some kind of zany seriousness (for a kid's show, there's a surprising number of jokes about murder in the episode). Take a look below. 

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