In early Spring of 2018, shortly after moving to Los Angeles, I was fortunately put in touch with Director Allan Unger by a good friend. Allan said to me: “My go-to DP just dropped out… I need a partner in crime, are you in?” 

While Allan and his team did their best to keep the secret project under wraps little did they know that I was an avid gamer... “We can't tell you what it is but it is based on a popular video game series, we got Nathan Fillion an-“

I cut Allan off, “It’s Uncharted, I’ve played every game, I’m in, let’s do this” 

After a truncated prep we were shooting, a few weeks later, after Allan tore through post to meet the date for Comic-Con, IGN debuted a teaser… and then... well... things got crazy. First, watch it for yourself: 

The Uncharted fan film blew up beyond what we even expected.

It is often said that the worst thing that you can do is scroll through the comments on a YouTube video. Fortunately for us, the fan film is truly loved by the fans, which was Allan’s goal all along. From the oner “video game shot” to all of the tiny references for the die-hards and last and most importantly, Nathan Fillion.

Fortunately Les Gaddis of the podcast “Capturing Light” reached out to me earlier this year to discuss the project amongst many other things. I do believe that we covered some important topics that will hopefully bring forth conversation amongst you, your fellow peers and those that you work with.