Could One of the Casualties of SXSW 2020 be SXSW 2021?

SXSW canceled
The cancelation of the Festival in Austin could have a far-reaching impact. 

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on the economy and we're still taking stock of how that will work its way into the filmmaking world, but we know one thing for certain: the cost to SXSW is already massive and could grow from here. 

In a story for Slash Film, writer Ethan Anderton suggests that the financial burden of the cancelation is so large it could run into attempts to launch again next year, going off this quote from Chief Executive Roland Swenson stating "We are planning to carry on and do another event in 2021, but how we’re going to do that I’m not entirely sure."

"We are planning to carry on and do another event in 2021, but how we’re going to do that I’m not entirely sure."

The process of 'undoing' SXSW at this late date is massive. Just try and wrap your mind around all the work that must be done to clean up after prepping an even of this size. All to say nothing of the cost in terms of dollars not made by local businesses. There is a rough estimate of 355 million dollars injected into the Austin economy during SXSW. 

And those dollars say nothing of the cost in dreams and professional goals for the countless creatives whose work was to have been exhibited on such a large and prestigious scale. 

We will be continuing to follow this story closely, speaking to artists as well as businesses affected.      

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This is just so sad.... all because of the chicken little mentality ... (the sky is NOT falling!) ... I'm waiting for a Class Action lawsuit to be filed against the City of Austin .... mean while In San Antonio 1.7 million are doing the Rodeo and in Houston at HLSR 2.5 million .... and from an international stand point... HLSR is huge with International business men from 88 countries being represented ... The livestock show has a larger international presence than any other. In 2017, the Ministers of Agriculture from Russia and Colombia made official visits to HLSR, joining more than 2,600 other international businessmen representing 88 countries.
Genre: Rodeo, livestock show and fair
Founded: 1931 (as the Houston Fat Stock Sho...
Location(s): Houston, Texas, United States
Dates: 3–22 March 2020

March 10, 2020 at 4:25PM


Just goes to show how out of hand things grow. What used to be a nice small thing ends up once again growing into a giant "Business" that is all about $$$. Maybe it ought to rethink what it is and start back where it was.

March 12, 2020 at 9:51AM, Edited March 12, 9:50AM