Time-lapse image capture can be stunning on its own, but it also makes for great b-roll in storytelling, like if you want to show the passage of time. Boom. Time-lapse. Done.

It's an art form that takes plenty of pre-planning and patience, as well as incredible accuracy because if you select the wrong setting or bump your tripod, you risk ruining your entire time-lapse. If you've ever botched a shoot like that, then this new intervalometer might pique your interest.

The VIEW Intervalometer by Timelapse+ is a spin on a traditional intervalometer. What makes this device stand out is it allows you to preview a time-lapse before it's finished. You can do this even while recording. Why is that good? Well, there's nothing more heart-wrenching than going into playback or sitting in front of your favorite non-linear editor to find out you didn't get the shot after hours of shooting. Awful. The VIEW Intervalometer was made to avoid that very situation (and include other features as well). 


The firmware of the device received an official update to 1.8 (1.8.5 currently) that's been in beta testing. Timelapse+ also introduced CORE, a new USB camera driver. The VIEW Intervalometer now supports Canon EOS/EOS R, Fujifilm X/GFX, Olympus, Nikon DSLR/Z, Panasonic, and Sony Alpha series cameras. 

Another standout feature of the VIEW Intervalometer is its auto ramping, which has been improved in 1.8. This allows you to shoot from day to night (or vice versa) without needing to calculate exposure. Referred to as the "holy grail" of time-lapse image capture, an algorithm analyzes and applies an exposure value to each image and exports it as an XMP file. This can be done through keyframes or automatically. The feature is now decoupled from the post-transition exposure, so if there are overblown highlights, the night exposure won't be overexposed too. Instead, the post-transition exposure is based on an absolute luminance preset that can be adjusted under the ramping options.

Since its debut, Timelapse+ has been developing its product line, including Studio that gives adds more tools to Lightroom. The company has further branched out further with its development of CORE, a new camera driver. Part of the VIEW firmware, it allows for better performance camera control and allows Timelapse+ to easily add newly supported cameras for the VIEW Intervalometer. With CORE, first and second-generation Sony cameras see a bump in image transfer speed. It will now take less than half the time it did previously. Timelapse+ says CORE will be available as a separate download for developers in the coming months.

VIEW Version 1.8 

  • Live adjustments: change time-lapse parameters across a series of frames while its running 
  • Scheduled and long-term time-lapse via the app
  • Ramping algorithm improvements 
  • Support for a wide range of new cameras 
  • Support for the eMotimo ST4 using a USB data adapter cable
  • Better keyframe motion and focus control through the app
  • Better WiFi management and reliability

Pricing & Availability 

The Timelapse+ VIEW Intervalometer retails for $399 USD. You can find out more on its website. You can also view the complete documentation here and changelog here. Do you shoot time-lapse videography? Share any tips or examples in the comments.  

Source: Timelapse+