Maxon, the developer of Cinema 4D, a professional 3D modeling and animation software used on many of the largest films in the world, has announced an update to the Cineware for Unreal plugin. 

This essential plugin allows designers to take elements from Cinema 4D and import them directly into Unreal Engine

Screenshot of Cine Tracer in Unreal EngineScreenshot of Cine Tracer in Unreal Engine.Credit: Unreal Engine

In this screenshot the car could have been designed in Cinema 4D and imported into Unreal Engine, where the designer could then add moisture to the ground, plan camera movements, adjust the lighting values, and plan a scene with Cine Tracer among other things.

Cineware for Unreal 4.27 features significant workflow improvements such as import of C4D without pre-caching and the ability to make changes to Cinema 4D content directly within the Unreal Editor, a welcome upgrade that will save time and make files smaller.

Cineware can also be used to import from other apps, such as Allplan, ArchiCAD, and Vectorworks—offering a great starting point for architectural walkthroughs and visualizations using Unreal Engine.

3D architectural renderings made with VectorworksAn example of three dimensional architectural renderings made with Vectorworks.Credit: Vectorworks

To utilize the newest features, make sure to enable Cineware for Unreal 4.27 in the plugins list for each project, and make sure you install Cinema 4D S24.111 for dynamic import, no activation is required.

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