Hard to believe it's been twenty five fests

We been coming to Park City as Sundance's pests

And even when it's been negative fahrenheit

Redford he said, we were a parasite


But we came back every year, indeed we persisted

Even as we suspected that we were blacklisted

Though the Sheriff once tried to run us out of town

Now our friend Andy wears the mayor's crown!


And over the years, we've had filmmakers galore

Most on first films, but some are sophomore

So many movies on just our two screen-os

Even scores by the likes of Michael Giacchinos


We've been happy to host them, yes, it's been our pleasure

They all started here, in the Mountain of Treasure

With fresh films in hand, and looking for buyers

Though a few were arrested for handing out fliers


With Chris and with Emma, we've had our share of Nolan

Though they missed out on the years we've gone bowlin'

Once a devoted Slamdance enthusiast

Before Rian Johnson made the Jedi of Last


So many years before they worked for Marvel

We knew the Russos when their career was just larval

For three years they programmed, oy, did they grouse!

But it was right here Anthony met his spouse


Spotting new talent that's the thing that we've dealt in

Yes, we go way back with director Lynn Shelton!

And of his shorts, I'd say we were beguiled

before Ben Zeitlin's Beasts of the Southern Wild


Our programming's solid, it's got good proclivity

We picked Oren Peli's Paranormal Activity

We've screened directors before they got famous

Everyone from Sean Baker up to Drake Doremus


We've had more brothers than Russos, I'll say it quite loud-el

We've had Safdies and Zellners and even the Dowdles

As for sistas, I suppose, on these words I might mince

Tina Mabry, Angela Robinson, and Gina Bythewood nee Prince


And speaking of Girls, we showed the second short of Lena,

Dunham was here, back then you would have seen her

We had Mike Mitchell with Herd, before he let loose

Shrek Forever After, Sky High and Bigelow Deuce


They've come from USC, NYU, and even Loyola,

Seth Gordon, Alex Rockwell and yes, Greg Mottola

Jared Hess showed a short that was so out-a-site

He turned it into Napoleon Dynamite


Ana Lily Amirpour she had her share

Jeremy Saulnier and Macon Blair

So many screenings, 25 such occasions

Even Jon M. Chu before Crazy Rich Asians


Aza Jacobs, Adam Rifkin, came one and all

Bob Odenkirk was here before he was Saul

We had cannibal films that were a little darker

Made by Matt Stone and yes Trey Parker


For you animators that slouched or perhaps you have limped in,

We've had Shane Acker, Don Hertzfeldt and oh yes, Bill Plympton

But also DPs, who careers we've been peddlin'

Vilmos Zsigmond, Matty Libatique, and even Steve Yedlin


Actors have come in all sizes from slender to brawn

From Peter Dinklage and up to Vince Vaughn

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Julia Stiles

Have graced our screenings or sat in our aisles


And musicians I'd say, we've had a few times

Neil Young, Perry Farrel and yes LeAnn Rimes

We've had Roots, we've had Moby, the numbers are mounting

And yes, we've had Crows, both Sheryl and Counting


Executives too, have walked up the blocks

Sarandos, and Sloss, and Ted Hope in a box

The Sony Classics guys have shown their respect for

New Line's Ordesky once moved our projector


You know who's picked up films, I'm happy to say?

Our pals Kevin Smith and Ava DuVernay!

Though we had snacks and even if he was starvy

We're proud to say that we never had Harvey!


Francis Lee from UK and Handloegten so sweetly

Fred the French Guy and even Ben Wheatley

As for foreigners, we had a young Bong Joon-Ho

It was here in Park City he pierced his first snow


All kinds of stars from lowly to stellar

Have been here for instance like Penn and Teller

Tipper Gore and Ru Paul did we bewitch-el

Ken Kesey, and Ebert and Elvis Mitchell


Big name filmmakers, I'll say if you lemme

Soderbergh and Altman and Jonathan Demme

Have lent their support, and that's not just lore, man

We've even shown films from Kurusawa to Corman


Hard to believe it's been five and a twenty

Since a scruffy herd, far from film cognoscenti

Began to serve time in movie penitentiary

Not a bad run for a quarter of a century!