Have you ever thought 'Gee, I have this great script but it's impossible to get agents, managers and producers to read the damn thing'? Well, so have the brains behind the new online service ScriptHop.

On this podcast episode, we welcome Script Hop co-founders Brian Austin and Scott Foster as well as casting director Jory Weitz who serves as Director of Industry Relations. The team details their innovative 'packet' which presents your story and script to the reader in an engaging, interactive way. It allows your work to stand out; tailored to people like agents and assistants who simply don't have time to read your script front to back.

Don't dismiss this valuable tool that could get your screenplay actually read by someone that could get the movie made -- and believe us, that is one of the hardest things to accomplish in this industry. Enjoy!

Read more about ScriptHop here!

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