While your stargazing photography friends might have more interest in something so fantastical as a “world’s sharpest” 250mm lens, we have to do our duty to the filmmakers and working wildlife videographers who might raise an eyebrow or two to the prospect of a lightning fast telephoto lens.

Pitched by the Taiwanese lens company William Optics on Kickstarter, this new Redcat f/4.9 as promises to be “the best possible design for an affordable, small, lightweight, and fast Apochromatic refractor for astrophotography needs.”

But for those curious, it also looks pretty absolutely ridiculously sharp for video too...

As you can see in the footage above shot on a GH5 (the Kickstarter also showcases the lens on video setups with an A7R III with a Ninja V and on a smallRig), this Redcat could challenge some of the more impressive telephoto lenses currently on the market - if not in some part directly against the Canon EF 70-200mm zooms.

William Optics Redcat f/4.9 Telephoto Specs

Full specs below, as well as the initial Kickstarter price point (which can go up higher with more rewards).

  • Lens Type: Prime Lens

  • Focal Length: 250mm

  • Diameter: 51mm

  • Aperture: f/4.9

  • Camera Format: APS-C, Full Frame

  • Image Circle: > Full Frame

  • Focus Mode: Manual Focus

  • Lens Structure: Petzval (4 Elements in 3 Groups)

  • Dimensions: 255mm x 80mm x 80cm

  • Weight: 1.47 kg

  • Interchangeable T-Mounts:

  • Canon EF

  • Nikon F

  • Sony E

  • Pentax

  • Micro Four Thirds

Kickstarter Minimum Price: $498