It’s 2019 folks and it’s about damn time that we have a good ol' fashioned NLE showdown between some of the major players in video editing software.

With updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud kicking off NAB 2019 already, Avid has fired back and shows that they still have some re-imaginative tricks up their sleeve with their new Media Composer 2019.

Let’s take a look at the new updates which include a new customizable interface, the next generation of Avid Media Engine, and new workflows.

Avid’s Pitch for ‘Movie Makers’

Avid’s place in the video editing industry has historically been considered the tool for high end features and video projects with tons of footage. Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut Pro made inroads early as more intuitive and accessible options for people without “formal” training.

With Avid’s new multi-panelled Media Composer 2019 however, it looks like Avid is going all-in on customization and task-based workflows which looks much more visually appealing and simplified.

The software manufacturer has also updated its Avid Media Engine to with native support for MFX OP1a format as well as instituted a new “distributed processing” feature for streamlining workflows. All of which will help shorten turnaround times and avoid waiting on CPU and GPU processing delays.

16K Video Editing

Avid 16K

And oh, what a day! Finally you can edit your insanely high resolution footage with Avid’s new 32-bit full float color pipeline. The new Media Composer 2019 supports all your typical post-production needs with audio, color, effects and finishing with HDR and support for ACES.

Avid has also unveiled new workflow editor and administrator roles with new features in their Enterprise edition that allow for different users to log in and work on projects in various different capacities (editor, assistant, logger, producer, etc…).

Pricing and Availability TBA

No pricing or availability has been announced yet, but if you are interested Avid has a signup where they will email you info as soon as its available here.