The newest update of Pro Tools 2019, coming this Fall, will bring 4K and UHD video support to Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate, enhanced mixing workflows with Dolby Atmos in Pro Tools Ultimate, and allow Pro Tools to participate in the Netflix Post Technology Alliance.

Avid made the announcement during the AES (Audio Engineering Society) Pro Audio Convention, happening right now across the hall from NAB NYC 2019 at the Javitz Center. Considering there's really only one more month of fall, the new Pro Tools 2019 updates could be on the way shortly!

Pro Tools Video and Audio Updates

Pro Tools will now be able to playback and display 4K and UHD video. The updated video support will also allow users to import media directly into ProTools without transcoding. Avid is hopeful that these changes alongside enhanced H.264 playback will create better performance when it comes to video in Pro Tools.

As noted in the Avid Press Room release, Rob D'Amico, Director of Product Marketing for Audio and Video Solutions at Avid, shared that "this dramatically streamlines end-to-end audio post-production workflows, saving time and costly storage." It's important to note that, like working with high-resolution video in Media Composer or other editing systems, you'll need a powerful enough computer system to playback high-resolution media. 

In addition to the video updates, 130 CoreAudio channels can now be enabled through the Dolby Audio Bridge and multi-mix .wav bounces will be available in Pro Tools Ultimate. 

Screen_shot_2019-10-16_at_9Avid Pro Tools Fall 2019 Video SelectionsCredit: Avid Pro Tools Blog

Pro Tools Ready for Netflix

The new features within the upcoming release also allow for Pro Tools to join the Netflix Post Technology Alliance, a select group of software and equipment that meet Netflix's technical and workflow quality requirements. There are only three pieces of audio software in the Netflix PTA, so Pro Tools joins a small group that includes Nugen Audio Loudness Toolkit and Steinberg Nuendo 10. Avid's video editing software, Media Composer, is already in the Alliance.  

Screen_shot_2019-10-16_at_9Pro Tools is now in the Netflix Post Technical AllianceCredit: Avid Twitter and Blog Post

Those of you who are on the ground at AES are able to see a preview of the new features in action (they're in booth 503)! Meanwhile, the rest of us will be waiting until "fall" [takes a sip of tea out of a Media Composer mug].

To read about Avid's new Pro tools updates post on the Avid Blog (by Greg Stryke Chin), head here. For more about the Audio Engineering Society, head to their website.

Source: Greg Stryke Chin