Whether you’re ready for it or not, 8K video recording is coming sooner than you think. Not only has it already been introduced as a prosumer model by Sharp, Sony has teased its own forthcoming 8K sensor (as well as Canon alluding to a vague 8K EOS R sometime soon as well).

And while we can debate whether 8K is really needed, or if our workflows are even ready for an 8K revolution, we can be sure that once it gets here that it will be the dominant factor which every mainstream camera manufacturer will be chasing after for the next years and generations.

Canon, it appears, is looking to lead the pack with new footage from their prototype 8K cinema camera officially released. Let’s take a look and check out the camera in question.

Canon 8K Cinema Camera Footage

Shot in 8K RAW, the “Roots of Japan” demo video showcases some stunning 8K video (the Youtube video, unfortunately, can only show 4K). You can see the prototype camera used in the photo below, which looks to be similar to Canon's current cinema camera line.

The sensor is reportedly a Super 35 sensor that records up to 8192 × 4320 pixel. It also appears that the 8K footage is captured using external recording.

Canon 8K

From the video's press release, director Ichiro Shimada spoke about using the Canon 8K cinema camera.

"Canon's 8K technology not delivers not only extremely high resolution, but also high dynamic range and rich color expression. And with the ability to record in 8K RAW, we could represent our subjects with more true-to-life visuals. Finally, thanks to the ease of scaling our existing 4K equipment to accommodate our workflow, we were able to film without any trouble. I hope our work will allow even more people to experience the beautiful scenery of Miyazaki."

There’s no additional information released yet regarding pricing, release or more in-depth stats. However we’ll keep you posted as more news drops.