I was recently in contact with a new company called Epic Sound Effects (ESE). They're a Florida-based audio production company poised to deliver powerful new sound design capabilities to independent creators, from YouTube vloggers to indie filmmakers. You know, people we love here at NFS. 

The company was co-founded by composer and music producer Clement Ducasse and music trailer composer Karel Psota. They are passionate about sound and sound design in film, TV, commercials, and everything in between.

After chatting with them, I knew the NFS audience would dig some free swag. And they delivered. 

Download your free Sound Effects Pack here

Want to know more about ESE? 

ESE strives to offer the elevated caliber of state-of-the-art sound libraries used in major film productions to creatives who don’t have the backing of big-budget movie studios. Sound design similar to what ESE now offers is not only extremely expensive but is also costly in terms of time spent recording and producing sounds. The company will offer independent creators affordable and easy access to studio-quality sound libraries which will expand monthly through a subscription model. 

Check out these WHOOSH sound effects you can grab. 

Or what about if someone is chasing your character down a hallway? 

These FOOTSTEP sound effects come in handy on any project. 

These are sounds professional companies like Disney, Warner Bros, Netflix, Marvel Studios, 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm, and Paramount use in their productions. ESE’s team of sound designers are combining their sizable talents for the purpose of giving creators of every budget and experience level the chance to use sounds in their work that were previously only available to the world’s largest film production studios.

So how do they make money? 

While the company’s website is in beta testing, early subscribers will be granted free access to the platform indefinitely, even when ESE monetizes its subscription model after the testing period. From small indie films to independent musical works, ESE’s sound libraries are sure to enhance the creative value of an entirely new cast of creatives who didn’t have access to these premium sound technology previously. 

To create a free account and access 100+ free sounds now, click here