B&H just updated the listing for the 6K version of the DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera, currently making it available in limited quantities as the global supply chain shortage still seems to be taking its toll. 

For those lucky few that get a chance to pick up the DJI Ronin 4D, it'll be a unique experience shooting with a cinema camera that's actually a gimbal. Or perhaps it's a gimbal that's actually a cinema camera? Take a look for yourself and let us know in the comments. 

The 6K DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera

The Ronin 4D has been designed for both solo use by independent creators and dynamic pro video capturers in an all-in-one camera/gimbal package. The "4D" designation refers to the Z-axis (vertical) stabilization built into the X9-6K camera and the three-axis gimbal stabilization. It's also made from lightweight carbon fiber and an aluminum/magnesium alloy, making this system a solid choice for independent content creators, indie filmmakers, and event videographers.

Recording options will be available up to 6K60 in Apple ProRes 422 HQ in order to support Ronin's CineCore 3.0 image processing system with ACES workflow support. The 4D would also be an excellent "B" or 2nd unit camera for larger narrative productions.

DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis Cinema Camera 6K Combo Kit

In Stock!
  • Zenmuse X9-6K Camera Gimbal Combo
  • Z-Axis Camera/3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizing
  • ProRes 422 HQ Video up to 6K60
  • Right Focus/Control, Left Pan/Tilt Grips
  • 5.5" 1000 cd/m² Touchscreen Display
  • LiDAR Range Finder/Focus Module
  • TB50 Intelligent Battery, Mount, Charger
  • Carbon Fiber, Aluminum Magnesium Alloy
6K Combo Kit

This combo includes the main Zenmuse X9-6K full-frame video camera and a 3-axis gimbal, plus an array of modular monitor, focusing, and control components. Kit items include a DL lens mount, a LiDAR range finder, one TB50 battery, a charging hub, and left and right control handgrips. Unfortunately, a wireless video transmitter is not included in this combo kit. 

Have you been waiting for the Ronin 4D? Let us know in the comments how you think it'll improve your workflow.

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