Since its first iteration, we’ve been fans of the Panasonic EVA1 for its ultimate indie filmmaking capabilities. And past firmware updates have certainly proven that Panasonic is dedicated to keeping its product fresh and powerful in the face of growing cinematic competition.

However, this latest firmware update (EVA1 3.0, which is free to download here) might be some of the biggest news for the EVA-1 yet. Let’s take a look at its new features including 4K 60p 10-bit recording, EVA-LIVE and a nice little price drop to boot.

4K60p 10-bit recording in HEVC

The biggest news of the new firmware update is the HEVC H.265 codec which can record in 4K 60p with 4:2:0 10-bit video sampling (with available bitrates of 200Mbps in 4K/60p and 150Mbps in 4K/30p). With this new HEVC codec allows of the same high-quality image recording with twice the amount of compressed data recording at the existing H.264 codec.


EVA-LIVE Remote Control

With the new firmware update, the EVA1’s USB port now supports several third party USB-LAN adapters which enable hardwired remote control of the EVA1 over Ethernet from devices running the EVA ROP app. These remote control control options can be used for Live and Near-Live multi-cam production setups now as well.

Full Updates and Price Drop

In addition to the new recording and remote control capabilities, this new firmware update also includes new Quick Switch functionality (as seen above). Along with the following updates via the Panasonic website:

  • Additional Recording Format:

  • 4K/UHD 59p/50p 420_10bit@200Mbps

  • 4K/UHD 29p/25p/23p/24p 420_10bit@150Mbps

  • IP Live Control

  • Capturing function (still image [jpg] from video) is added

  • While recording or playback on HLG mode, Camera can convert HLG to SDR and then output it

  • OSD displays Focusing point

  • 2ch AWB MEMORY (AWB A/B switchable)

  • Increasing ease of use on system setting

  • Canon lens “CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S” and EXTENDER can be used in combination

  • SD card setting operability is improved to detect the card correctly

You can download the firmware update here.

New Price: $6,495.00