If I had to pick the two most controversial words in the modern video production community they’d be “smartphone” and “filmmaking.” There’s something just so unholy, yet oddly sexy, about that combo.

Can you actually shoot short or feature films on your smartphone? Sure. But should you? Maybe?

Regardless of where your answers might fall, there’s another great new device to add to your smartphone filmmaking arsenal. 

It's RØDE’s new AI-Micro, an ultra-compact dual-channel audio interface that should make it a thousand times easier to record solid audio directly to a computer or your smartphone from anywhere.

Meet the RØDE AI-Micro

The key features of this new RØDE AI-Micro have to do with its two auto-sensing inputs, which can handle virtually any microphone with a 3.5mm output. It’s set up for headphone monitoring, seamless connection to computers or smartphones through its USB output, and of course compatible with other RØDE apps.

In truth, it’s probably going to be marketed first to those who just want to record better audio on their computers. The AI-Micro should be a real game-changer for casual and serious podcasters alike, as well as anyone looking to make podcast-style content for YouTube or TikTok or wherever they might value easy and quality audio recording.

AI Micro

The RØDE AI-Micro for Filmmaking

For smartphone filmmakers, on the other hand, the AI-Micro does offer some possibilities as well.

For one, this guy is going to help you tremendously transition from recording audio directly with your smartphone and open the door to pretty much any microphones of your choosing.

While it only has two inputs, that should be more than enough for any solo adventurer looking to record better audio on the run, as well as potentially help you set up any interview-style projects where you need to mic both yourself and a subject.

The interface’s two mic inputs are also auto-sensing jacks, which allows them to accept signals from a wide range of microphones without needing all the messy and confusing adapters and the like.

You can also monitor live playback with the zero-latency headphone port to help you keep tabs on how your audio is sounding while on the go. 

AI Micro

Specs and Pricing

As mentioned above, the AI-Micro isn’t the end-all-be-all of audio recording interfaces, but for smartphone videographers looking to upgrade a bit from their in-smartphone options, or for any aspiring podcasters or YouTubers, it’s definitely a solid and reliable upgrade.

Here are the full specs and pricing options.

  • Podcasters, Interviewers, Content Makers
  • Connect Lightning, USB Type-A, and USB-C
  • 2 Auto-Sensing TRS/TRRS Mic Inputs
  • 1 Headphone Output
  • Up to 24-Bit / 48 kHz Resolution
  • Bus Powered / Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Zero-Latency Monitoring
  • Expanded Functionality via Rode Apps
  • Ultracompact and Portable Form Factor

You can preorder here for $79.00.