The look is obviously cool. Unfortunately, the challenge of achieving it is obvious as well. Think about everything hard to manage on set, and then dunk it underwater where none of it is supposed to be in the first place. 

The work is harder to do, it takes longer to complete, the gear is even more ill-adapted for the elements than the crew and talent are. 

Luckily the folks at Shutterstock Tutorials put together this video laying out some super easy tips you can use to get those languid, luxurious underwater looks:

Let's go over a few of the key underwater photography tips: 


What types of lights and lighting techniques make the most sense here? 

Hard light. Direct light. Why? 

Because it'll pierce through the water and create some cool highlights and shadows. The water will serve as a natural diffusion. 

Check this post out for a quick a harsh lighting tutorial.

How about fill lights? The video recommends the Aputure AL MW. It's a waterproof LED, so it should definitely do the trick! Browse for more underwater photography gear and let us know what you find!


Frame Rate in Underwater Videography

You won't have a ton of time to get lengthy takes down there. What can you do to mitigate this? 

Shooting at higher frame rates, like 120fps, lets you capture more data, and extend out the footage you do get. 

Invest in Some Weights

Your body will want to float to the top, so a few lower weights, even cheap dumbells, can really help you stay down there and get what you need. Just don't go too heavy and make sure you factor in the extra work you'll need to do to tread water as a result. 


Wrapping up Underwater Videography

This video and post really just scratch the surface (or skim the surface?) of underwater videography. We have even deeper depths into which to plunder! Currents and eddies to navigate. Anchors to drop!

You get it. Let us know in the comments what experience and struggles you've had shooting underwater. Is it easier than it seems? Harder? Worth it? Did you break anything? 

Source: Shutterstock