If you're like me, you make sure to see every A24 movie. In the last seven years, the company has been nominated for over 20 Academy Awards and continues to churn out interesting films by filmmakers who have style, class, and something unique to tell the world. But it seems like those movies were just not enough. 

In the past we've seen sculptures, a fingerboard, and the traditional hats and mugs. But now, A24 wants to highlight these filmic achievements of its projects through a more literary path: Books. 


In a series of tweets, A24 introduced the world to their new book series, which profiles A24 films Moonlight, Ex Machina, and The Witch. Each title costs around $60 and have essays, pictures, storyboards, and lots of intimate stories and details from the production. 

They're like a Criterion release but in paper form.

Take a look at the Moonlight book. It comes with a forward by singer Frank Ocean and an essay by Hilton Als (White Girls), and transcriptions of Academy Award Acceptance speeches. Unsure if it includes anything from Warren Beatty. 

Books 001 – 003 will be released today, September 30, and will be available to purchase exclusively at A24’s online shop

This is an excellent way to keep fans satisfied and another way media is combining and crossing all platforms. A24 is always at the forefront of cool and interesting. I'm excited to see what they do next. 

Unless it's something with Midsommer. I am still shitting my pants over that one.