When it comes to budget-friendly wireless video, Accsoon, Hollyland, smallHD, and Teradek are key players that come to mind. Accsoon has updated its options for filmmakers with the new CineEye 2S Pro wireless system. The "S" moniker suggests support for SDI and HDMI functionality, whereas the CineEye 2 Pro only supports HDMI.  

Other than that, what's going on under the hood is virtually identical to the CineEye 2 Pro. 

The CineEye 2S Pro packs in Accsoon's Gemini dual-channel 5.8Ghz and 2.4Ghz transmission system, providing wireless video coverage up to 1200ft (350m) while auto-selecting the best channel with the least amount of interference. The video signal is transmitted up to 1080p 60p with a very minimal latency of 60ms. The transmitter can also alter the bitrate and video quality of the signal for the best connection when conditions are not their best. 

Other features of CineEye 2S Pro include the ability to stream directly to YouTube via the Accsoon Go iOS app. Using the same app, you can also turn any iOS or Android phone or tablet into a fully-featured monitor with features like false color, waveform, histogram, and zebra, among others. This is a great feature to have on hand, especially if sharing the feed with multiple people within the camera and lighting departments. 

Accsoon_cineeyepro2s_1Credit: Accsoon

Users can also load custom LUTs or CDLs to preview on iOS or Android devices. Additionally, there's support for anamorphic lenses with 1.25x, 1.33x, 1.5x, 1.78x, and 2x de-squeeze options, masks for different aspect ratios, and presets for different camera Log types. 

The transmitter and receiver can be powered by NP-F550/750/970 batteries or DC input (7.4V-16.8V). The power options are hot-swappable so there won't be a slowdown on set. 

Better yet, Accsoon was able to keep the price point at $599 for the transmitter and receiver set. So if you're in the market, to us, there's no reason to buy the CineEye 2 Pro when you can get both SDI and HDMI functionality in one unit for the same price.

The CineEye 2S Pro is available now for $599.