Premiere Rush is Adobe's editing platform that's essentially the lightweight version of Premiere Pro. It allows creators to quickly edit clips, adjust audio, add sound effects, create splashy titles, and even resize footage to different aspect ratios. The biggest disappointment about the app was the export limitation found on its free version. It only allowed for three exports before needing to upgrade to a paid version. Adobe has gotten wise and removed the limitation, and now, the mobile version offers unlimited exports that can be saved to the camera roll or shared socially.

With the change, Adobe has introduced a tiered system. The free mobile version of Premiere Rush gives you access to unlimited exports, color presets and customization, titles,  motion graphic templates, speed controls, multiple video, and audio tracks as well as more than 30 royalty-free soundtracks. But to unlock all the premium features and content of Premiere Rush, users will need to upgrade to a paid membership for $9.99/month. Keep in mind, this is for the mobile version only. The desktop experience will stay the same, and first time users will have a limitation on exports using the free version. 


To use the app it still requires you to sign in via Adobe, Google, or Facebook. When navigating the new free version, Adobe gives access to all the basic essentials to editing footage, including the ability to change aspect ratios of a clip. The experience is on the same wavelength as Splice now, which is a good thing. One advantage Rush has over its competitors is its ability to import projects into Premiere Pro. Something other apps like Spice don't offer.


Adobe has also added the duplicate projects feature found on the desktop version into the mobile app. After selecting a project on project panel, click the "..." menu and the duplicate option will now be available. This is a welcomed addition especially for those wanting to save the same project in different aspect ratios.

Adobe Premiere Rush is available for iOS or Android. Do you use the editing platform? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below.