The story of the year is the rise of artificial intelligence and its use in Hollywood. It was one of the most important topics of the strikes, and we're just now beginning to understand how it will be used in the future of film and television.

Enter Greenlight Coverage, a new paid script coverage service that promises delivery in under two hours. How does it get complete coverage back to you so quickly?

Well, it's using AI.

Greenlight calls itself "a user-friendly software solution tailored for writers and producers."

The website promises "premium quality script analysis in minutes" and "feedback instantly, eliminating the waiting time and allowing you to enhance your screenplay at your own pace."

Check out the video of the demo below, or check out how it rated my own Black List script.

How Greenlight Coverage Works 

As you can see, you upload a PDF, and moments later, you get a screenplay coverage. You can also chat with an AI bot that knows your screenplay and ask it questions to follow up on the coverage.

In an era where artificial intelligence is increasingly permeating various sectors, its application in the film and television industry, specifically in screenplay coverage, warrants a thorough examination.

We Have Worries About AI


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The integration of AI into screenplay coverage is a double-edged sword. While it presents opportunities for efficiency and handling large volumes of content, it raises significant concerns about the loss of nuanced understanding, potential biases, and the impact on creative expression.

We spoke with company founder Jack Zhang about the implications of the software and the worry many inside Hollywood have with AI.

He told us: "We 100% comply with what WGA said. No training will be done on any of the scripts uploaded on our platform, once you delete the screenplay 100% of the data will be deleted. No one else has access to your screenplay. It is 100% up to the writer to use any of the materials the software generates. The user is in full control."

We also pushed him on how the software gives objective coverage.

Zhang said via email: "We trained the software using feedback from many industry veterans, as well as advanced techniques such as fine-tuning, etc. This way we can make sure our coverage report is at professional industry standard. And no screenplay will be used to train AI nor generate other stories; you own 100% what you upload. We just want to be a tool that can aid the creative process and ultimately make better movies."

What Does Greenlight Coverage Cost?

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As of right now, Greenlight Coverage offers plans that bill monthly and yearly. For one single coverage, it's $45, and it takes two hours to get your script back.

If you pay $55 a month, you get:

  • One-hour delivery
  • Coverage: Up to two screenplays per month
  • 10 total follow-up questions per month
$109 a month:
  • 30-minute delivery
  • Coverage: Up to five screenplays per month
  • Unlimited follow-up questions
$325 a month:
  • < 15-minute delivery
  • Coverage: Up to 15 screenplays per month
  • Unlimited follow-up questions
To check out the yearly plans, visit that section of their website.

As the film and television industry evolves, we'll try to keep an eye on how AI is being used and implemented.

This is the first tool using AI to cover scripts, but we are sure it will not be the last.

If you want to try this service out, use the code "NOFILMSCHOOL" to get 10% off any package.

Again, this is all available on Greenlight Coverage's website.

The code expires on March 31, 2024.

Let us know what you think in the comments.