In the ongoing war of tech's AI initiatives Apple is playing catchup and hyper focusing on integrating AI into their new line of Apple-developed processors.

Per Bloomberg, Apple is responding to their lowest fiscal year since 2022 with the introduction of their M4 processing chip. This comes after announcing their M3 chip last October. The newly upgraded Mac lineup is set to release later this year and continue through 2025 at least.

As well as the enhanced AI chips Apple is also set to include more memory options for Mac Pros to help sales of their very popular but low selling desktop.

What does this mean for filmmakers?

Although AI is our new favorite controversial buzzword around here, incorporating it into a processing chip to enhance our rigs' speeds can't be a bad thing, right? Also, as with any update, more RAM and memory is always a good thing. Faster cuts and all.

What exactly does "AI-powered processors" means? I'm not totally sure. The information seems relatively vague, and my beat is typically talking to people about movies. But here is an article that describes it pretty well.

New hardware means M3 chips hardware should be more affordable, and from experience those are already pretty snazzy.

Let me know about what you think of this announcement and these updates in the comments.

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