While we’re now several weeks removed from Apple’s whirlwind of a WWDC (which pretty much brought us everything we’ve been asking for), the rumor mill from those devout Apple followers continues to turn for what might be in the works for release next year.

According to reports from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter, we might have some insights into a new Mac Mini powered by an M3 chip, which could give a huge boost to one of the mega brand’s most popular computer lines.

Let’s take a look at this rumor and what it might mean for interested video editors and creators if (and most probably when) it does come out here in the next year or so.

A M3 Mac Mini in 2024

From these reports via Gurnman, it sounds like Apple is indeed testing a new computer on its campus. This isn’t news itself per see. Apple is hard at work on its next line of computers and all other devices. That’s what they do.

However, Gurman apparently has the inside scoop on this new Mac with the model identifier “Mac 15,12,” and his speculation is that it’s a Mac Mini being fitted with an 8-core CPU. He also speculates that a 10-core GPU Mac with 24GB RAM is being tested running macOS Sonoma 14.1 with different installed memory levels.

The biggest piece of evidence in Gurman’s favor might simply be a recent earning call in which Apple shared the news that it expects a decline in Mac revenue here for Q4 this year. One could easily infer that Apple is looking to interject some firepower to its Mac lineup quickly, and this would certainly be one way to turn some heads.

What Could a M3 Mac Mini Offer Editors?

M3 Mac Mini on a black ground


What would this ultimately mean for video editors, VFX designers, and any other content creators?

Well, this would bring the total number of expected Macs to be powered by the M3 chip up to six off the bat. For those waiting these will most probably be the best Macs on the market when released.

The current Mac Mini introduced here in 2023 is available now with either the Apple M2 Chip or the Apple M2 Pro, with the Pro offering a 10-core CPU with 6 performance cores and 4 efficiency cores, and a 16-core GPU.

For video editors, these include media engines powered by hardware accelerated H.264, HEVC, ProRes, and ProRes RAW at pretty respectable speeds even when compared to other Mac (or PC) options.

Ultimately though, like most new Mac rumors and releases, these new specs and features will always draw a crowd but really only reflect necessary updates for those looking either to constantly stay on the cutting edge, or just happen to be in the market for a new workstation.

If you’re currently happy with your Mac or other PC setups for your video workflows, this is news to keep tabs on to see how it changes specs and prices overall.

Until we actually see this M3 Mac Mini in the wild in 2024, we’ll reserve our judgment on just how valuable it will be to editors compared to the rest of its competition.

Source: Power On