Everybody loves going over a really well-done lighting diagram (or at least our readers do), but nobody ever wants to take the time to make them. Now there is even more incentive than ever before with the "Light This Location" contest from Aputure and an array of partners giving away up to $200K worth of filmmaking gear.

Included in the prize package are lights from Aputure, Qasar, and Hive, sound gear from Deity, and a whole bunch more, but the highlight is most definitely the RED Helium 8K Filmmaker Kit.

We love a contest that gives away filmmaking gear and forces us to be creative within limitations. This contest is particularly interesting because it's not just about limitations (one location and the word "accent" are both required), it's also about thinking about transformations. 

We don't have any inside knowledge, but as many of the sponsors are lighting companies (like Aputure themselves), we suspect that big points will be awarded for shorts where the lighting plays a large part in how the location is transformed. Considering Aputure's big push into app control, it could even be a good idea to go through multiple different lighting scenarios in a single scene to demonstrate the real power of lighting to create mood in a set.


According to Light This Location's website, film entries will be judged based on this criteria:

  1. 40%: Originality and Creativity
  2. 20%: Quality of the Cinematography
  3. 15%: Quality of the BTS Video
  4. 15%: Quality of the Floor Plan
  5. 10%: Use of Product


  • Your film must take place in one singular location. (Points will be awarded to those that are able to stay within the same room or geographical point.)
  • Your entry film must be under 5 minutes.
  • Each submission must include a lighting floor plan setup, detailing what gear you used and how you lit your film.
  • Your film must be submitted to one of six geographical regions. If you do not see your location, submit to the single closest region to where you are. (i.e. Films from Australia should be submitted to Asia-Pacific.)
  • Each film must audibly incorporate the word “accent” into their finished film. 
  • Submissions must include a behind-the-scenes video explaining how you lit and shot your film. (Points are awarded if you use and mention gear from any of the Light this Location brands.)
  • Filmmakers under the age of 18 submitting must be represented by a legal adult guardian for the submission process.
  • Your film may not include credits.

The deadline is November 11, 2019. Check out the Light This Location site for more.

Source: Light This Location