AI hasn’t taken all of our film and video production jobs just yet, so let’s celebrate by looking at some powerful new lights from Aputure. You know, the things which help brighten your shoots have to be set up by humans, not AI or algorithms.

Let’s take a look at the new Aputure Spotlight Max, a Bowens Mount project lens modifier designed to bring an advanced degree of control to high-output Bowens Mount fixtures, and the Aputure F14 Fresnel, an electronic A-Mount Fresnel modifier with a large 14-inch diameter lens and a motorized spot-flood beam angle range to see how they might be right for you and your projects.

Spotlight_maxIntroducing the new Aputure Spotlight MaxCredit: Aputure

The Aputure Spotlight Max

Capable of transforming fixtures from the LS 600d Pro and the LS 1200d Pro into a powerful spotlight with further read and shapeable output, this new Spotlight Max might be just for you. Available in 19o, 36o, and 50o lens options, this new Spotlight Max should offer your team the ability to cover a wide range of light projection needs on set.

These projection lenses are truly key tools for filmmakers or video professionals who need to precisely shape their light, whether through a perfectly circular spotlight or other looks by using either the built-in shutters to frame your light or gobos to project your favorite unique patterns.

Here are some of the key features of this new Spotlight Max.

  • Compatibility with High-Output Bowens Mount Fixtures
  • Interchangeable Lens Options
  • Precision Optical Design        
  • Internal 4-Leaf Shutters
  • Wide Compatibility

Pricing and Availability

The Spotlight Max is targeted to be available in Q4 of 2023. Pricing will be announced at a later date. 

F14_fresnelIntroducing the new Aputure F14 FresnelCredit: Aputure

The Aputure F14 Fresnel

Designed for Aputure’s all-new high-output A-Mount point-source fixtures (like the Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26), this new F14 Fresnel is really all about optimizing and amplifying the light output as well as providing smooth, remote adjustability, and, overall, a beautiful light quality only achievable with large Fresnels.

With a large 14-inch diameter Fresnel and dual lens optical design, this F14 Fresnel should be able to provide great accuracy and intensity for both the  Electro Storm CS15 and Electro Storm XT26. You can also expect to be able to further shape the light and reduce the spill from the Fresnel using the included Barn Doors, as well as rely on it for years to come with its advanced weather-resistant design.

Here are some of the key features of the F14 Fresnel.

  • All-New Electronic A-Mount
  • 18o to 45o Motorized Spot-Flood Adjustable Beam Angle
  • DMX & Sidus Link Control via A-Mount
  • Display Screen and Control Knob
  • Detachable Yoke

Pricing and Availability

The F14 Fresnel is targeted to be available in Q4 of 2023. Pricing will be announced at a later date. 

How do you feel about these new modifiers from Aputure? Let us know your thoughts and expectations in the comments below.