The battleground of the Hollywood worker movement this summer is complex, but one issue that continues to make headlines in artificial intelligence.

I think that's because it represents a new kind of insidious automation. One that is dedicated to removing human creativity from Hollywood.

Now, we're seeing it raise its head in lobbying.

Let me explain.

New York has laws on the books when it comes to hiring human workers. Well, there's a law called S.B. 7422 that was just introduced in the Albany state house. It reads that this law "Prohibits applicants of the empire state film production credit from using artificial intelligence that would displace any natural person in their productions."

This is a really smart way to use legislation to make sure human workers are not replaced by computers.

But studios like NBC Universal and Disney have hired lobbyists to track this bill.

While neither have publicly announced which side they're on, they're still paying firms to monitor what happens with this bill and to possibly sway it one way or another.

We'll keep an eye on the situation, but you can see how laws like this are going to be so important when it comes to people not losing their jobs in the future.

And you can also see how the studios are monitoring the situation to try and nix as many people from their payrolls while still taking advantage of tax credits to make their movies and TV shows in certain states.

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