According to a recent report, there are approximately 37 million YouTube channels, with over 22 thousand channels having over 1 million followers. All told, American internet creators alone earned a baseline of $6.8 billion on the nine social media platforms in 2017. In addition, 29% of Generation Z want to become a YouTube star, and it’s easy to see a rapid-growth industry in need of fresh media assets to service it.

Israeli-based film asset startup Artlist was founded to cater to that growing social media ad space, and its latest personal asset subscription plan will give those content creators the media assets and tools they need to create some great content and build their channels.

“We’re always seeking to reach content creators wherever they happen to be in their content creation journey so the Personal plan seems like a natural step forward. From the start, Artlist’s aim has been to provide top-quality music and SFX to creators across the full spectrum of skill, from amateurs just starting out to seasoned professionals,” says Ira Belsky, co-founder and co-CEO of Artlist. “This is a deliberate step on our part to meet the needs of social-oriented and early-stage creatives, and we’re very excited about its potential. The more people who feel Artlist is an accessible and valuable platform for their work, the better.”

Artlist_personal_plan_2Credit: Artlist

The annual option comes in at $9.99 a month. The Personal subscription plan offers royalty-free music and sound effects assets with a license that covers all social media platforms. The plan provides for unlimited media downloads and comes in both annual and monthly subscriptions.

For users opting for a month-to-month plan, the cost is $14.99 a month, so it pays to save 33% with the annual subscription premium.

All 880,000 assets are royalty-free and can be used commercially, or for monetization, as long as the assets are used organically within the published content. And as long as the content gets published during the user’s active subscription period, the license for those assets will never expire.

Artlist’s unique clearance model is also cross-platform, meaning that content can be displayed across YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Twitch, and even podcasts, without being required to pay any additional fees.

In addition to its music and sound effects library, Artlist also offers media assets including, a curated stock footage platform;, an all-in-one marketplace for creators including video templates, presets, music, SFX, stock footage, motion graphics, and stock photos; and FXhome VFX and image editing software.

Those assets require a separate subscription, though FXHome’s HitFilm Express is available as a free download or a paid pro version.

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