If you’ve ever wanted to shoot the perfect close-up shot with some of the best glass possible, now’s your chance to get that done. Atlas Lens Co. has finally announced an expansion of their Mercury Anamorphic cinema prime lens line with not one, but three new lenses in this new Group II.

Let’s look at these three full-frame anamorphic PL-mount lenses in action, and explore how these new lenses (which include a 54mm T2.2, 95mm T2.2, and a 138mm T2.6 ) fit in with the rest of the current lineup (which includes 36m, 42mm and 72mm models).

Also, if you want to see these lenses in action, we have some cool behind-the-scenes featurettes to share that showcase these new anamorphic cinema prime lenses actually in use.

Atlas Mercury Anamorphic Cinema Prime Lenses

As mentioned above, these three new lenses just announced by Atlas Lens Co. are on the long end of their prime lens lineup and perfect for those looking to shoot beautiful, cinematographic, and close-up film and video.

The three new lenses in question include:

Each lens will also share the 1.5x anamorphic squeeze design to help shooters achieve much more pronounced anamorphic characteristics. You can expect the same vintage trails, barrel distortion, and that beautiful oval bokeh that you’re used to seeing with your favorite anamorphic lenses.

Sharp Focus and Low Chromatic Aberration

As you might expect with lenses of this quality, these new anamorphic cinema prime lenses should provide some of the best—and most stylish—looking golden flares and streaks.

With their outer diameter and iris and focus barrel positions being the same as the rest of the lineup, you’ll also be able to easily swap these lenses in and out without needing to change your matte box or follow focus system.

While these are PL-mount lenses, you can still of course easily convert them with an adapter to use on your favorite mirrorless or full-frame camera with the many different lens mount options out there.

Overall, these new closeup-ready lenses should provide great color characteristics and looks that will compliment the rest of the line, while still retaining the same compact and lightweight form factor despite being slightly heavier and longer.

Price and Availability

These three new lenses are available for purchase as single-lens options or as a three-lens set here in the future. The price for each lens is set to retail at $7,995.00 individually, with the three lenses set to be announced later.

If you’d like to find out more about the lenses or make a pre-order selection, you can do so by following the links above or here.