Launched back in 2021, Atomos AtomX CAST has been a popular add-on multi-camera and live-streaming module for their Ninja V and Ninja V+ recording monitors. As a connectable piece to your Ninja V/V+, the AtomX CAST provides additional HDMI inputs, an HDMI program output, and several other control buttons for toggling between cameras and your different functions.

However, as helpful as this add-on has been for many multi-cam producers and shooters, Atomos has really upped the ante with news of their new desktop app which—when combined with the latest firmware update (the AtomOS 10.93.00 for Ninja V and Ninja V+)—is set to add a whole new level of sophistication with a new control panel interface for the Ninja Cast.

Perhaps most notably, this new desktop app is going to see some new AI-powered assistance for some automatic color-matching technology which should make this app a powerful new tool for those looking to shoot and produce content quickly and easily.

Ninja Cast Desktop App Setup Guide

The AtomX CAST in Action

For anyone who hasn’t used the AtomX CAST with a Ninja V or Ninja V+ before, the whole workflow turns your on-set production monitor into a full multi-camera broadcast studio switcher.

It’s a great option for any corporate, event, house of worship, or even studio production environment and lets producers access a degree of sophistication you’d usually have to spend thousands of dollars more to find.

With four HDMI inputs offering a mix of different resolutions up to 1080p at 60p, it’s quite useful for most of the above situations indeed. However, its real appeal comes from its touchscreen monitor controls including picture-in-picture, 4-up modes, and the myriad of logo and graphic overlays you can program, preview, and output.

Still, even with supported recording output to ProRes and Avid DNx formats and streaming compatible with Skype, Zoom, Teams, and more, the biggest downsides to this tool has simply been the fact that this is a relatively cheap alternative to larger studio setups and usually done with small teams or often solo.

The AtomX CAST in action.


The AtomX CAST Desktop App

This is where this new Atomos’ new AtomX CAST desktop app comes in to provide content producers and creators even more controls—and even AI support—to help them do the work of several more team members.

With the AtomX CAST desktop app, which is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and connectable through USB-C, you’ll have access to five new pages of support including Switcher, Input, Output, Overlays, and Color.

As the first few are pretty obvious in what they do and the features they provide, the color page is perhaps the biggest story here. With a new AI-powered color page users will be able to match different cameras together with a new level of ease and simplicity.

All users will have to do is select a reference point from one of their cameras, then the AI-powered software will analyze all of the elements of brightness and colors to generate LUTs for the rest of your cameras. These LUTs can then be auto-applied to the rest of your shots as you’ll be able to stream or output a more consistent and professional-looking multi-cam video.

A color test with the Atomos app

A look at the desktop app's multi-camera setup.


How to Download

As mentioned above, if you’re interested in checking out this new AtomX CAST desktop app and already have the add-on, all you’ll need to do is download the latest firmware update for your Ninja V or V+ and follow the info on Atomos’ site here.

If you’re interested in checking out AtomX CAST itself, here are the specs and pricing:

  • Compact Quad HDMI Docking Station
  • Converts Ninja V/V+ Monitor into Switch
  • 4 x HDMI Inputs, Source Select Buttons
  • Graphic Overlays, PiP, Streaming Output
  • Mixed Resolution Output up to 1080p60
  • Convert Progressive & Interlaced
  • Mirror, Program, Preview, 4-Up Display
  • UVC/Live Streaming with AtomX Connect
  • Can Also Select with Monitor Touchscreen
  • Output to Recording Device Supported

Price: $199.00

How do you feel about this new multi-cam helper and its AI color match capabilities? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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