The world (and collective libraries) of creator music licensing has just expanded with another huge step forward—which should be great news for filmmakers, video editors, and content creators of all types.

Pro music licensing service Audiio has just announced that it is joining in a new strategic partnership with Savage Sync House to add 20+ sync veterans exclusively to the Audiio platform.

This means that some super high-quality tracks from the artists behind big names projects like Spider-man: Homecoming, Grey’s Anatomy, Ocean’s 8, and more are all going to be on Audiio’s platform and available for your video project needs.

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Audiio_savage_houseBeacon LightCredit: Audiio

Quality Songs for Next-Gen Content Creators

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of noise out there (both figuratively and literally) in this music licensing space. But with news like this you can rest assured that you’ll be getting some of the best music out there created by some of the most exceptional sync artists in the business.

“We believe every creator should have access to the same great music used in their favorite films and advertisements—we’re on a mission to make that happen," Audiio CEO Josh Read said in a statement. "Some of the world's most talented sync artists are waking up to the potential within the creator market, and many are finding a home with us. Many more exciting announcements to come this year.”

Launched July 1, this new partnership is a huge addition to Audiio’s simple and direct subscription model which has always focused on quality over simply signing and retaining ownership rights for the sake of building out a library.

Silverberg_profileJoshua SilverbergCredit: Audiio

The Best Music You Can Find

Founded by GRAMMY-nominated producer and artist Joshua Silverberg, Savage Sync House’s slate has landed hundreds of placements in television series, movies and commercials—and represents GRAMMY award, Gold Record, and #1 Billboard-charting artists and producers.

Quite a haul to add to Audiio’s already-growing collection which is set to remain just as quick and easy to use as a way to discover inspiring music and sound effects from new waves of incredibly talented artists every week.

“Our vision has always been to create and deliver compelling original music content for creatives.," Joshua Silverberg, Savage Sync House CEO, said. "Through our partnership with Audiio, we’ll be able to serve even more content creators. We built SSH to help artists and the music community thrive—and Audiio is a great partner to grow our impact.”

Savage Sync House’s well-versed slate, which includes tracks from Sam Tinnesz, Joshua Silverberg, Nikki Leonti, Beacon Light, and others, goes online at Audiio on July 22, 2022, and is available to check out now at Audiio.

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