The past decade has seen cameras increase in quality and decrease in size, which has led the market to give creatives all sorts of options to stabilize their footage.

While a myriad of tools exists to keep your footage steady, gimbals have become an affordable staple to offer creatives the stability their projects need.

For "Deals of the Week," we explore three different companies that offer gimbal stabilizers to get your camera rock steady, even if you're running around.

DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo

When it comes to affordable gimbals, DJI was the first to offer a solution that was budget friendly. While companies like Freefly Systems offered one of the first non-Steadicam options, DJI quickly followed suit and got filmmakers of all budget levels thinking differently about their compositions.

DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo

This DJI RSC 2 Pro Combo packs additional accessories with the RSC 2 gimbal, allowing for a more comprehensive workflow. A key addition is the DJI Ronin RavenEye Image Transmission System, which allows for 330' 1080p video transmission from the gimbal with a latency of only 50ms for on-set collaboration.

$689 $449

Zhiyun CRANE 2S Combo Kit

After DJI, Zhiyun came to the market with gimbals for smartphones. This gave creatives an extra stability edge as they could combine the internal image stabilization of smartphones and add the gimbal stability as well. Since then, Zhiyun has expanded its line by providing gimbals for heavier cameras, such as mirrorless options and smaller cinema cameras.

Zhiyun CRANE 2S Combo Kit

The CRANE 2S, a follow-up to the highly popular Crane-2, has been upgraded to better suit the needs of filmmakers. This Combo Kit includes the CRANE 2S gimbal and the TransMount Mini Dual Grip Lite, which is a side handle that attaches to the bottom of the gimbal so it can be held with two hands.

$449 $349

Moza AirCross 3 Pro Kit

Gudsen Technology is another company that capitalized on the need for gimbals, offering a myriad of stabilizer options under its Moza line. From the common smartphone to dedicated cinema cameras, Gudsen seems to becoming a true competitor to the likes of Zhiyun and DJI.

Moza AirCross 3 Professional Kit

The AirCross 3 Professional Kit from Moza includes the AirCross 3 gimbal with all its standard accessories plus an iFocus-M wireless lens motor, the iFocus wireless follow focus hand unit, and a professional carry bag. The updated AirCross 3 supports up to 7 lb loads and offers enhanced battery life, updated OLED UI, and a more durable metal construction,

$559 $499