As camera-to-cloud technology has been rolled out over the past few years, it’s taken a bit to become as widely used and popular as some might have predicted when the possibilities of this seamless, global production style were first introduced.

But all that might change as major players such as Blackmagic Design continue to develop and innovate their own live sync solutions as we see with the company’s new Blackmagic Cloud Live Sync which is being demonstrated at the Cine Gear Expo this year in LA.

The secret, according to BMD, is the abilities unlocked by the company’s latest cameras, in particular the URSA Cine, PYXIS, and the Cinema Camera 6K. Let’s take a look at how remote shooters can use these cameras and this updated system to upload, sync, and edit within seconds.

Blackmagic Cloud Live Sync

Basically, this new camera-to-cloud-style workflow is powered by live syncing between Blackmagic Cloud and the cameras recording footage and sharing it with DaVinci Resolve workstations connected to the same project. Blackmagic shares that this is an automatic process that can work with full-resolution HD proxies in H.264.

When using one of the aforementioned Blackmagic cameras, all shooters will need to do is log into the Blackmagic Cloud and select a DaVinci Resolve project before recording. The recording will start to live syncing directly to any and all connected Resolve workstations where editors will be able to edit, color correct, etc…

Of course, this is ideal for news or other broadcast-esque projects, but the possibilities here do extend beyond the immediate and can be a great way to simply speed up your workflows for any project.

Price and Availability

So, this new Blackmagic Cloud Live Sync feature is set to release as a free public beta download available in mid-June 2024. It’ll be made available first for cameras like the Blackmagic URSA Broadcast G2 and the Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K, although it sounds like it will also come to the Blackmagic Camera app here shortly as well.

Other cameras will be added to the live sync ecosystem here soon too with the PYXIS 6K and URSA Cine 12K on the roadmap as well. And, as mentioned above, it will all be offered as a free upgrade to current Blackmagic Cloud users.