Forget slow storage solutions – the Blackmagic Cloud Store Max is here to streamline your film and television workflow.

This high-performance network powerhouse is built for the demands of the industry, effortlessly syncing with Blackmagic Cloud and DaVinci Resolve proxy files. The moment your camera rolls, boom – footage syncs in seconds, letting your post-production team dive right in.

Its lightning-fast flash-based core means zero delays, even when your entire team – editors, colorists, audio engineers, VFX wizards – are collaborating on those massive media files. And for live broadcast replays? Get ready for seamless action; hook up multiple HyperDeck recorders and DaVinci Resolve 19, with a handy status monitor as well.

Think of the Blackmagic Cloud Store Max as the backbone of your production. It conquers the challenges of bulky film and television files, ensuring everyone has real-time access without clogging up local computers. DaVinci Resolve thrives on this setup, and those live replay moments? They'll look like they were beamed down from the future.

Check out the specs for the Blackmagic Cloud Store Max below.

Blackmagic Cloud Store Max

Blackmagic Cloud Store Max


High performance flash storage with up to 48TB capacity, 12 card RAID 0 flash memory core, 4 x 10G Ethernet, and Blackmagic Cloud sync.

  • High performance flash memory based network storage.
  • Compact rack mount design with quiet cooling.
  • 12 internal M.2 flash memory cards for up to 48 TB capacity.
  • RAID 0 memory configuration for high performance.
  • Sync to Blackmagic Cloud, Dropbox and Google Drive.
  • Includes HDMI and SDI monitoring output with live storage status.
  • Includes fast 100G and 10G Ethernet ports.
  • Supports Ethernet over USB-C connection to computers.
  • No subscriptions, no licenses and no user data tracking.

The Blackmagic Cloud Store Max will be available in May from Blackmagic Design resellers worldwide from $6,495.

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