Canon has made it official. It’s developing the EOS R5 full-frame mirrorless camera capable of high-speed continuous shooting and 8K video recording.

No Film School has been following the rumors about the potentially new mirrorless camera, and prior to Canon’s appearance at WPPI in Las Vegas and CP+ in Japan, they’ve released a presser about the EOS R5 saying, 

“The new full-frame mirrorless camera currently under development will fully leverage the advantages of the EOS R System to realize high-speed continuous shooting and 8K video recording and expanding the boundaries of visual expression.”

The EOS R5 will have a “newly developed CMOS sensor that makes possible such advanced features as high-speed continuous shooting—up to approximately 20 frames per second (FPS) using an electronic shutter and up to approximately 12 FPS using a mechanical shutter—to facilitate shooting of athletes at sporting events and other fast-moving subjects.

In addition, the camera's 8K video capture capability will enable users to extract high-resolution still images from video footage as well as process 8K video into higher-quality 4K video.”

Canon EOS R5

Will it have IBIS?

According to the release, yes. The camera will have an in-body image stabilization that will be integrated with RF lenses. The camera will also have dual media card slots and support image transfer to Canon’s cloud platform

Confirmed Specs

  • EOS R Camera System
  • Newly Developed CMOS Sensor
  • 8K Video
  • IBIS
  • Mechanical Shutter
  • Electronic Shutter
  • 20 FPS with Electronic Shutter
  • 12 FPS with  Mechanical Shutter
  • Dual Card Slots

What We Don’t Know

We know very little about the EOS R5. We don’t know the codecs, data rates, bit depth or if it will crop video. We don't know what it will record internally or externally or when it will be released or the cost. So, you know, all the details. But it’s nice to see Canon confirm everyone’s suspicion.

What We Like

From the sample image, the EOS 5R seems to be ergonomically larger than the EOS R which is logical if it's capable of recording 8K video. Dealing with the heat alone would require a bigger footprint. What also stands out is its oversampling of 4K. If Canon creates a sensor capable of recording 8K 7680 x 4320, it would oversample 2X for its 4K images. There's a lot to like about the direction Canon is headed. When we find out more we'll share it. 



RF Lens Development

Alongside the EOS R5 is the announcement of a new zoom lens and two extenders. The RF 100-500mm F4.5-7.1 L IS USM, Extender RF 1.4x and Extender RF 2x. Canon says it will be releasing a total of 9 RF lenses during 2020 which is quite astonishing. We don’t have any full specs on the RF100-500mm yet.  

If you’re headed to CP+ 2020 in Yokohama, Japan from February 27 to March 1 Canon will have the reference exhibits of the EOS 5R and lenses on display.  

Source: Canon