If there’s one thing that Canon camera owners love more than their actual cameras themselves, it’s a good, spicy rumor about a new feature coming to their beloved camera brand. And, as a long-time Canon user myself, I have to admit that this one is quite appealing indeed.

According to reports, the legacy camera manufacturer recently filed a patent on a new built-in tilting viewfinder which includes details and technology for the inclusion of this new feature in the brand’s EOS R series camera body.

Here’s everything we know, plus what we might expect from a future Canon camera with a tiltable viewfinder.

A New Canon Patent Application

Canon Tiltable Viewfinder

A look at new Canon camera tech

Credit: Canon Rumors

Thanks to reports from Canon Watch, a new Canon patent application was filed in Japan a few days ago which describes, in blueprint detail, how a built-in tilting viewfinder could be integrated into Canon’s EOS R series camera body.

From the actual patent, we learn that this new finder unit can be “slid out from the main body of the electronic device, and the finder section can be tilted and rotated upward from the pulled-out state, thereby increasing the degree of freedom in shooting posture.”

This is all to say that this new invention is meant to “suppress an increase in the size of an electronic device while ensuring a large rotation angle of a viewfinder,” which sounds like while being built-in, this new feature should be quite flexible, and ultimately helpful for those wanting to use the viewfinder from a wider array of setups.

When Might We See This Canon Tilting Viewfinder?

Canon Tiltable Viewfinder

More details on this new Canon patent

Credit: Canon Watch

As we covered before, there have been rumors swirling about an anticipated Canon EOS R5 Mark II for some time now. In fact, it might not be just one new camera set to announce soon, but two. So, while nothing is set yet, it might be safe to say that with this filing a few days ago, it could theoretically be early enough for this patent to find its way into the very next camera Canon releases.

Still, Canon has also been hard at work not just on their flagship camera line, but also releasing more content creator-focused cameras like the Canon R100, which clocked in as their smallest, lightest, and cheapest camera yet. So in theory this new feature could find its way down the stream as well.

What’s more, it also sounds like AI might eventually become a part of Canon’s future cameras’ features, but only time will tell what the heck that might look like and if and when that becomes part of Canon’s next release.

So, all to say, you very well may be tilting your viewfinder with this very next iteration of the Canon R5, or at the very least, likely with many new Canon cameras in the future—regardless of what they ultimately end up looking like.

Source: Canon Watch