The Mobile File Transfer app from Canon is a new take on transferring files from your camera and uploading them to an FTP server. While Canon's free Camera Connect app allows you to transfer images from the camera to your phone (the Mobile File Transfer app can do that too) this new app is designed more for journalists who need a more robust solution out in the field. 

Canon_mobile_transfer_app2Credit: Canon

The app will require a purchase. But with that purchase, you will be able to store up to 20 FTP addresses while being able to transfer images via WiFi or 5G compatible phones. The app will also allow you to add IPTC metadata to images pre- or post-capture, import pre-prepared metadata, crop images, and add a voice memo or star-rate the image. 

Additionally, the app allows wired or wireless connection to transfer images from the camera to the app, and then you can use the phone's data or WiFi connection to transmit images automatically to clients when they are shot. 

The Mobile File Transfer app is not out yet, but when it becomes available, it will be compatible with EOS-1D X Mark III, R5, R6, and the newly announced R3. No word on pricing yet.