There are plenty of live streaming tools and platforms available to creators these days. There's also been a recent push from camera manufactures to turn mirrorless and DSLR cameras into high resolution webcams. One of our favorite applications to live stream is OBS Studio, which is free. But one drawback is it isn't available on mobile devices running iOS or Android. 

For mobile multi-cam live streaming productions, Teradek Live:Air, Switcher Studio, and Cinamaker come to mind. The latter has released a new version of its Director Multicam Studio app that's now compatible with macOS 10.15 or later. 

Cinamaker_1Credit: Cinamaker

Cinamaker is a live video streamer and switcher in one that accepts both smartphones and external cameras as inputs. The software uses its own infrastructure so your camera does not need to be on the same network. It uses a peer-to-peer system to make multi-cam live streaming possible. The control interface can run on an iPad, and with this update, it adds Mac into the ecosystem. 

The free version of the Cinamaker provides the ability to live stream, record, and switch up to two different devices all wirelessly. There's no time limit or watermarks with the free version. The setup is quick and painless and the interface is very easy to use. So much more than OBS Studio but it's not as robust. A paid version unlocks 4 video streams, 8 audio inputs, and the ability to export to Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere at a monthly cost of $29.99 or $199 per year. There's also a free app where you can send a director's feed. 

If you're looking for a simple mobile solution to live stream two cameras, Cinamaker is a viable option. Have any better solutions? Share them with the No Film School community below.