Cinestudy, formerly Framelines from PBS, has begun releasing multiple filmmaking projects online for free. Starting with a mini-horror movie that anyone can download, edit, and then release online -- all in Ultra HD 4K -- students from several schools have already begun to upload their edits, some for their class assignments, others just to show what they can do.

“I taught myself filmmaking right before online tutorials and I just wanted to put out there high quality content that people can learn from”, says Peter John Ross, creator/director. “I’m making projects I wished I had available when I started to make movies and learn editing.”

For the Halloween season, Cinestudy has released a mini-Horror movie project where students and hobbyists can edit their own movie centering on a serial killer chasing a young woman around a warehouse. Shot entirely in UltraHD 4K, all of the footage is available for download. And it is totally free because of a generous donation by the cinematographer and owner of Zabolights, Greg Sabo.

Releasing as "edit challenges" on social media, Cinestudy builds upon the work that was done over the past few years by Framelines, the regional PBS television series co-created by Ross.

Framelines has had instructional videos and these interactive projects used in high schools and colleges all across the globe, including Full Sail University, Harvard Extension, UCLA, University of Central Florida, and more. The projects have also gone international with use in higher education in countries like France, Russia, and Australia.

"I find it humbling when a professor from Harvard asks my permission to use this material in his editing classes", says Ross. "Not everyone can afford film school, I know I didn't. I love film schools and never want to dissuade anyone from going. I also don't think that should stop anyone from learning, and that's why I created these projects."

In Columbus, Ohio in particular, Cinestudy reaches out to the schools that teach film and video, judging the edits from the projects and donates prizes to underprivileged students. Several corporate sponsors have already donated to the Cinestudy project including Gudsen Moza and Zabolights.

Ross is hoping to partner with other companies that can either sponsor the projects or provide prizes for the edit challenges.

ABOUT CINESTUDY - Cinestudy originated as the Emmy nominated instructional

and interactive videos on the regional PBS series Framelines. The goal of

Cinestudy is to allow anyone of any economic status to learn and practice

the art of filmmaking.