The Korean Film Archive is an incredible resource for cinephiles not only because it preserves and curates some of South Korea's most treasured films but because it also restores them and provides access to pretty much anyone who has the internet. (And for those that don't...check out one of their libraries or museums if you're ever in Seoul or Paju.)

In fact, the Korean Film Archive has restored and uploaded nearly 200 classic Korean films onto its YouTube channel, Korean Classic Film, for you to watch for free.

Though the release dates of these films range from the 1930s to the 1990s, the majority of the collection consists of titles from South Korea's Golden Age in the 60s, as well as from its resurgence in the 80s, when the South Korean government began to relax its laws on censorship.

Titles include Chang-ho Lee's award-winning experimental drama The Man With Three CoffinsLee Jang-ho's erotic Between the Knees (don't watch this with your mom), and Im Kwon-taek's critically acclaimed The Surrogate Woman.

'The Surrogate Woman' (1987)'The Surrogate Woman' (1987)

If you're a true Classic Korean Film fan, you'll be bummed out to learn that, no, The Housemaid nor modern hits like Oldboy appear on the channel. However, if you're all jazzed up because Bong Joon-ho's Parasite brought the Palme d'Or to South Korea for the first time, you'll probably want to bone up on the films that have demonstrated the country's cinematic artistry at different times in history. (Also, it's getting a U.S. theatrical release in October, so why not gorge yourself on rich South Korean cinema in the interim?)

If you're ready to binge and learn, head on over to the Korean Film Archive's YouTube channel.

Source: Korean Classic Film