Who doesn't friggin' love camera gadgets? I love 'em. I'm all about 'em. And when I find cool accessories and pieces of gear, I like to make sure you guys know about 'em. 

In a recent video, filmmaker Peter McKinnon highlighted 6 clever camera accessories that you can buy off of Amazon for less than $50, and of course, I was like, "Gimme all that stuff." There are some really interesting items that you might've never thought you needed, along with very practical items that you knew you needed but figured they'd be way outside of your price range. Guess what, friend. They're not.

Check them out below:

I'm really not a big gear monster. In fact, I like to keep my gear bag relatively light. However, I do like to at least know about cool gear that I can utilize or recommend if the occasion ever arises.

So, here we go. Here are McKinnon's 6 suggestions for sub-$50 gear. (You can find his links to items in his video description.)

  • LCD Viewfinder: A great piece of gear if you're shooting outside and can't see your LCD screen.
  • Mini Tripod: So helpful if you need a little stabilization in a small place.
  • Lazy Susan/Turntable: An awesome tool for product shots.
  • Light Tent: Another awesome tool for product shots.
  • Camping Chair: I can't believe I never thought to keep one of these on-hand whenever I go out shooting.
  • 5-in-1 Reflector: This is an essential piece of kit, you guys. Reflectors are a necessity.

What are your favorite weird/clever/cool/whatever gadgets and gear that won't break the bank? Let us know down below.

Source: Peter McKinnon