Roger Corman is a name synonymous with Hollywood. The guy has directed over 50 movies and produced around 300 others. He's the guy behind Ron Howard, James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, and many more. 

Now, you can take the Roger Corman Master Class and get the accumulation of all his wisdom, all at once.

Hollywood Theatre head programmer Dan Halsted has helped facilitate that wish, saying in a statement, "It's amazing to me he isn't given respect as a director. I think what's really fascinating about him as a director is that so many of his movies are vastly different from each other, like Orson Welles' movies."

Halsted is the instructor for the four-week Movie Madness University course.

What will you learn? 

The last two sessions cover John Sayles' work with Corman and Joe Dante.

On Jan. 19, Sayles will revisit his gangster film, The Lady in Red. This is the movie that Tarantino said had "the best script ever written for an exploitation movie." It was produced by Julie Corman and was instrumental in defining the exploitation genre. 

Dante will talk Piranha. That's one of my favorite movies, so I might have to join that one.

Allan Arkush (Rock 'n' Roll High School) will also join the Piranha discussion and talk about editing movies with Corman. 

This sounds like a blast. 

Tickets to the remaining Roger Corman Master Class on Tuesday, Jan. 19 and 26, are available at The cost is $12 per class. 

Source: Willamette Week