One of the most interesting movies of the year has been Damien Chazelle's Babylon. It seems like you either love this movie or hate this movie. Either way, everyone is talking about it. 

Despite its poor box office performance so far, it's generating a lot of online buzz about the body fluids in the movie, the raucous raunch, and the bombastic performances. 

Of course, a huge topic of discussion is the movie's three-hour runtime. People seem to say it's too long and goes slowly or that it's a bonkers ride that goes quickly. 

Still, when pressed on the idea, Chazelle told Entertainment Weekly that there's actually a two-hour version of the movie. It was shot on his iPhone during rehearsals of the movie, which took place in his backyard. 

Chazelle's wife, actress Ruth Adler, and actor Diego Calva play every part in the film for the run-through. 

Chazelle said, “We rehearsed the whole movie in his backyard, only Olivia, Damien, and I. It was a very uncommon kind of situation.”

It would be awesome to see a run-through of this sort of behind-the-scenes to see how the director works to create a performance art piece for those two actors. I doubt we ever will, but I love the idea of them running the script all the way through so he can get a feel for each scene and the possibilities. 

I do wonder how helpful that would be without knowing what the specific actors in the roles would do or be inclined to try on the day they shoot their scenes, but it obviously worked for him.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly