Are you excited to see James Gunn's The Suicide Squad? The buzz all over the internet is that it's going to be one of the best movies of the summer, with Gunn's darkly comedic style translating well into the DC Comics world.

One of the things I love about Gunn is that he always seems to understand his assignments. No matter the movie or studio he's working for, he really gets the material and translates his voice into whatever the story needs.

In a recent interview with Screenrant, Gunn talked about the difference between directing The Suicide Squad versus directing something like Guardians of the Galaxy.

Aside from just saying it's Marvel versus DC, Gunn went into the specifics of what sets these two movies apart.

He said, "With Suicide Squad, I'm speaking to an older audience. Instantly, the language you're speaking is different. It's almost like, when you're talking to a great group of kids and old people, you don't say, 'fuck.' But when I come to you, and you and I are hanging out, I'm not gonna notice that I'm saying it. TheSuicide Squad is that—we don't hold back in that way. It's two adults talking to each other, so that is very different. But also I think the elements of danger are very different. I think that the characters could really die at any time. And that actually makes it more fun to write as a writer in a way because you don't know what's going to happen. Anything could happen, and I could change my mind at any time and do a different keystroke—and all of a sudden somebody's dead. I'm Amanda Waller, man. That's one of the hard things: I had to deal with how I'm Amanda Waller. I'm the one who's setting up the bombs in their heads. Maybe the bomb is a shark ripping you in half."

This is a really interesting answer that not only deals with the difference between Marvel and DC movies thus far, but also a nice talk about tone in these movies.

When you understand the assignment, you understand what needs to be balanced in order to make the audience excited. Gunn has always had a keen eye for movie tone, knowing how to inject heart and comedy, and never backing down from the stakes. 

What do you think about his answer? Do you see that as the difference between studios or something more directed at his own talent and understanding behind the camera? 

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