David Lynch has been using the quarantine time to post little videos on his YouTube channel where he talks about life, his work, and of course, the weather. One of his series, affably titled "Weather Report," usually includes Lynch literally describing the temperature (in Fahrenheit and Celsius), wind direction, cloud formations, and other weather features, but the last couple of days have been a little different.

On June 3rd, Lynch used 90 seconds, most of which he was no on camera, to deliver a powerful message. 

As Lynch exits, a handmade sign takes over the screen, declaring “Black Lives Matter. Peace. Justice. No Fear.”

Take a look below. 

He also uploaded this video on June 2nd, which was also #BlackOutTuesday.

Lynch lives in Los Angeles, where protests and memorials honoring George Floyd have occurred, just as they have across the entire world this week. As we all mourn another African American senselessly murdered by police officers, this stand of solidarity is important. 

As reported by Indiewire, "Lynch is one of several filmmakers and actors using his social media pages to support the Black Lives Matter movement." Not only has Steve McQueen dedicated Small Axe, his new anthology series, to George Floyd and other "black people that have been murdered, seen or unseen, because of who they are," but Star Wars actor John Boyega gave a rousing speech at a protest in London that has caught worldwide attention.

While the whiteness of Lynch's movies has come under intense review, especially in a 2017 essay 'What Does David Lynch Have to Say About Race?', this act of solidarity should not be ignored. Mostly because so many in Hollywood are still silent about it. 

If you want Hollywood to be better, if you want film and television to be reflective of diverse voices, and if you want to work your best to live in a world where these protests become a thing of the past and not something we see regularly thanks to systemic racism in all forms...then we need to hear your voice and see your actions now. 

Videos are great but do your best to amplify and uplift voices of the black community and people of color. 

And do it now. 

We can't wait any longer.