Few people have ever launched into the star stratosphere in the manner Dolph Lundren did, but it's the exact rise that countless dream of. You could call his biography "a funny thing happened on the way to MIT." 

You see, Dolph was headed there on a Fullbright Scholarship. That's right, beneath the surface of the blonde, muscle-bound, highly ranked black belt was a master's in chemical engineering. A part-time job as a bouncer led to a romance with club headliner Grace Jones, which led to a life of modeling and acting and motorcycles and... well... who would turn back at 22 and still want to attend MIT? 

Dolph broke out in Rocky IV and never looked back, becoming a major action star. 

Life changes and re-examination granted him the internal freedom to finally take a step behind the camera. And while he's been cutting his teeth on a few movies recently, he has also become a student of film and film history, openly considering with me on this podcast all the ways he can play with his stardom onscreen in his future directorial efforts.


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