For those who have been following it closely, Dune: Part Two has been the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is it single-handedly driving up box office numbers and reaffirming that auteur-led blockbuster filmmaking is the best path for studios, but it’s also proven to be a great source of filmmaking insights and tips.

As we’ve seen from interviews with Dune: Part Two cinematographer Greig Fraser in the past, he’s been open about the cameras he uses, the unique lenses he chooses, and tons of other little insights he’s been able to share in the past.

However, while most of his tips have been camera and lens-based, this most recent interview sheds some light on his pre-production and planning techniques. And it features an interesting new technology behind it.

'Dune: Part Two' Using Unreal Engine

In an interview shared on the Twitter (aka X) account @DuneInfo, we hear Fraser talking about how he and his team were able to use Unreal Engine to help plan their more complicated dessert sets and shots.

You can see Unreal Engine in action in the clip too as it simulates some of the iconic dessert sets that become Arrakis in the film where sun location and lighting can be adjusted for different types of the day, which—for those who have seen the film—know is an important part of the storytelling.

Here’s Fraser talking and explaining his process of working with Unreal Engine.