Dune: Part Two has certainly lived up to its own hype so far. With both critical and box office acclaim right out of the box, it’s kind of no surprise when you look at the track records of the director and cinematographer behind the project.

And, as we already covered as we explored the cameras used to shoot Dune: Part Two, Greig Fraser ACS, ASC has improved upon his already stellar body of work with another cinematography masterpiece that is leaving him hot on the trails of the likes of Deakins as the best living DP in the industry.

For further inspiration and insights though, IronGlass adapters has shared some really cool behind-the-scenes info into some of the rehoused vintage lenses that Fraser used on the film, which he talked about in his interview with ARRI Rental.

Let’s take a look at these awesome lenses and their tailored design specifically for Dune: Part Two.

The Rehoused Vintage Lenses of Dune: Part Two

So, what’s cool about Dune: Part Two and how Fraser and director Denis Villeneuve decided to shoot it is the large amount of vintage lenses that the duo used for this film. In a post from IronGlass’s instagram, we get a snapshot into some of the rehoused vintage lenses that they provided for this project in particular.

What’s more interesting still is that the IronGlass lenses were equipped with custom Dune production logos, giving the whole lens set a unique and fun tailoring for their use on Dune: Part Two. Check it out below.