If you're struggling to find ways to express your creativity... or even struggling to find any creativity to express in the first place, you might want to take some advice from one individual who is not only a mighty force in the film industry but also a TED alum.

In his recent TED Talk, Ethan Hawke, who recently starred in Michael Almereyda's biopic Tesla, examines how courageous expression promotes healing and connection, and invites you to discover your own unabashed creativity. "There is no path 'til you walk it," he says.

When you're young, creativity flourishes and is unhindered by walls of life experience. A child's imagination is almost unfettered by the laws of logic. It's what makes them such a joy to watch, and probably why there are so many sites dedicated to "crazy things kids say to their parents." They are not worried about what people will think or if they're right or wrong. They're just having fun the only way they know how. 

As creators, it can be difficult to recapture the imagination of your youth, but as Hawke suggests, it's important to give yourself permission to be creative. To start a dialogue with those around you that opens up the door to do something different. Being creative is more than just brainstorming, it's a way to connect with one another. As Hawke says, "You have to express yourself. And to express yourself you have to know yourself." 

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