Facebook announced the launch of its Creator Studio app, a mobile version of Creator Studio that allows filmmakers, publishers, businesses, and influencers to manage content and track engagement. The interface was previously only available on desktops.

Key Features

  • Tracking and managing multiple pages and accounts
  • Switching between accounts without having to log out
  • Data and engagement metrics such as “1-Minute Views” or "3-Second Views"
  • Performance summaries including “Avg. Minutes Viewed” and "Returning Viewers"
  • Edit video titles and descriptions, delete and expire posts, publish or reschedule drafts
  • Built-in Facebook Messenger to respond to followers and comments
  • Real-time notifications 

    Facebook Creator StudioCredit: Facebook

The desktop version of the service launched globally in September 2018. The desktop interface allows users to incorporate Instagram, while the mobile version currently does not. As Tubefilter points out, this is not Facebook's first attempt at releasing a creator-focused mobile app. The 2017 app focused heavily on live video and a "Live Creative Kit" for making video intros and outros.

Facebook's Creator Studio app is currently available for iOS and Android.

Source: Facebook